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Horkestra - SMB Support
Horkestra - SMB Support
« Consulting services accessible to SMB »


Growth in a key indicator of a company's success. Founded in 2005, Horisis Conseil knows the problematics and difficulties that SMBs can encounter in the achievement of its objectives : difficulty to generate sales, lack in organization or procedures, commercial visibility reduced on original or new markets, lack of information for better decision making ...

Despite the needs of performance improvement in a competitive environment, most SMBs can't benefit from consulting services because of lack of funds. On the basis of this statement, has emerged the idea of a product allowing both to reduce costs and improve the benefits from services by enriching them with cross-fertilisation of knowledge and the know-how of the clients.

The concept is innovative but is built on the basis of two performance improvement strategies that have been proven :

We wish to offer, in a context of cost reduction, consulting services to a group of SMBs, by having them reach their objectives of growth through our consulting expertise, a collective intelligence and if need be, individual follow-up sessions.


On the other hand, our know-how in terms of Quality Management, Project Management, Sales Management and Contract Management allows us the opportunity to offer more classic services, corresponding step-by-step to your expectations in terms of services.