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Project designer
Project designer
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What is our job ?

Our role is to conduct a project right at the beginning of the feasibility and profitability studies, through the design, also at the production, until its exploitation, on behalf of a third party.

We mobilize our teams and our partners and manage economic and scheduling aspects.

We can also deliver financial offers if the client wants to.


Our approach

To the need of our clients, we offer 2 kind of offers in order to best answer their needs : EPCM & EPCC.


Our EPCM offer allows companies to benefit from our expertise in feasability studies, the technical design of a project, and the needed scope in resources (human, financial and material).


Our EPCC offer follows our EPCM offer (feasibility study, design and scope of resources) and adds in the production and exploitation activities if the client wants to.


Our financing solutions

Our clients can solicit us in order to add financing solutions to their projects. We offer 2 kinds of possibilities :

The accompaniment 

The client, accompanied by the project designer, takes care of the banks' solicitations and grant applications. 


The third party financing

They are project designers that work as conceptors, advisors and project owners, and that themselves form contractual relationship ties with the banks.