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International Expansion
International Expansion
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Horisis provides expertise internationally to develop and implement an export strategy for your business, and help you create a new source of growth with optimal efficiency, and reduced costs.

Our mission extends the perception of your project, the definition of a framework of actions, to the assurance of a successful entry into new target markets.

Horisis advises, assists and accompanies you in your relocation to export while strengthening the competitive advantage of your company.


SME - SMB / Energy

  • Diagnosis and analysis of the opportunities, constraints and capacity for export
  • Preparation of a deployment plan leading to setting-up an export department
  • Knowledge transfer related to export processes to a final autonomy
  • Develop a specific strategy of introduction for every new market
  • Decision making on most adequate type of local set-up: representation office, distribution affiliate, local association, exhibition site, storage warehouse
  • Identification and analysis of opportunities, constraints, and capacities with the aim of exportation
  • Simplification of Legislative aspects : direct and indirect taxes, exonarations duration, nature of taxes, customs duties, etc.
  • Assessment of available grants and subsidies, as well as the institutions that offer them
  • Export risk assessment and management (coverage and insurances)
  • Business Planning and Lobbying

Health - Pharmacy - Biotech

  • Market research and implementation strategies
  • Market access: Deposit of, and follow-up on registration files, until securing Marketing Authorization
  • Optimize inter-related marketing decisions including segmentation, positioning and promotional mix
  • Promotional coverage : Design the sales force structure, size, and deployment to accommodate an evolving portfolio of products and changing customer needs
  • Import and Distribution: Screen and set-up most reliable networks with necessary qualified facilities
  • Sales Management : Enable sales execution through effective in-market sales targeting and performance tracking. Monitor local inventories, and ensure regular flow of to-market orders
  • Local manufacturing: Identify local partners, assist and support in the overall project management
  • Managing local and relationship marketing activities : symposiums, new product launches, and other medical and social manifestations
  • Business Planning and Lobbying

Our Assets

Competitive experience

More than 30 years of experience in the management of international sales and marketing operations of a variety of products, mainly pharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, and medical devices, in a wide and diversified world territory.

Markets control

In association with local operating partners with approved structures and facilities, thus offering readily available and efficient solutions for market access, importation, distribution and promotion.

Methods and Tools

Systematic contribution of structured references built around our experience, and a dynamic harmonization of practices through the application of an information system adapted to the needs.

Our zone of expertise