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Intervention modes
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Diagflash: What to do?

  • When a quick direction setting is required to make a short-term decision.

Strategic Coaching: Decide to act

  • When it comes to assist decision-makers in their medium and long term decisions.

Operational Consulting: To do and Make them Do

  • When an organization must be optimized in order to improve performances.
  • When we have to support change with concrete solutions.
  • When we have to mobilize appropriates competencies for implementation.

Operational Assistance: To work for you

  • When we have to mobilize all our teams both in “front office” and in “back office”.

Back Office Assistance

"Management in project mode"

  • More flexibility: contribution of methodologies, external point of view, consulting
  • Facilitate management with transparency and a periodic upwelling of information

Front Office Assistance

"A human management"

  • Adapted to the environment and the working methods of the client
  • Direct interface between customer and the resource: responsiveness and human monitoring
  • You re-center on your strategic issues
  • You gain flexibility and responsiveness on projects that requires additional resources
  • You respect the delay, the budget, and the quality of your services
  • You convert fixed costs of structure into variable costs tailored to your needs
  • You will have available resources mobilized according to your needs
  • We will follow up your internal processes while having the benefit of advices and external expertise
  • Make sure that we transfer to and increase your team’s skill by our methodology and technical inputs

Traineeship / Coaching: Teaching how to do and doing

  • When it is necessary to consolidate knowledge
  • To continue without our help
  • Horisis Conseil is an approved training center (n° 11754406775)
  • Learn more about our formations on I-Way - Formations / Coaching