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Our commitments

Our commitment to diversity

Our staff is our raw material : their knowledge, know-how and soft skills. We believe that human plurality is our precious wealth nourishing our business. Because everyone, thanks to its specificity, brings his stone to the building that will be the more successful it has been appreciated by different perspectives. HR focus our diversity policy aims to foster innovation, social cohesion of our team and the optimization of our performances. In this perspective, Horisis Conseil signed the Diversity Charter in 2008, which commits us to :

  1. Educate and train our managers and employees on this issue
  2. Search and reflect the diversity of French society
  3. Communicate to all our employees

Our commitment to sustainable development

Commitment to the environment is not just a matter of activists and public policy. Everyone must feel responsible individually and sometimes we just need little things that add to each other to make a difference. In their everyday life, Horisis Conseil's employees are encouraged to be agents of change. For this, we invite you to apply a few simple principles.

Our commitment to philanthropy

Horisis chose to commit itself to provide support for still unrecognized artistic or humanitarian projects. Every year we make our customers discover these projects, and also to our employees and partners.