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Dynamic - Approach
Dynamic - Approach
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Since 2005, our core original business is to accomplish, for industrial companies, consulting and accompaniment missions in organizational management.

Strongly rooted in the energy sector, our activities have developed in other fields such as industry, construction, transportation, health and public sector.

Today our teams help project leaders, managers and executives of large and SMEs companies, in addition to public organisms, in their operational and organizational performance improvement projects.

According to the specificity of each intervention, our missions are executed by a multidisciplinary team with the necessary expertise by competencies.

From the preliminary analysis to the implementation of an adapted action plan, Horisis Conseil supports you in every step of your development project taking into account your formal needs.

Our multidisciplinary teams enable us to address your issues in their entirety relying on additional marketing, legal and organization skills.


Our approach

Our approach is based on a triptych method of conducting projects (Analyse, Adapt, Support), that allows us to intervene at any time in the life cycle of the project according to the maturity of our customers. We designed this triptych to meet a structured way skills in methodology and operational approach, to the issues of competitiveness and development of our clients' projects.

Indeed, the requirements could be related to :

Analyse : a diagnosis of organization or project to determine or evaluate the strategy

Adapt : to a reasoning of changing or optimizing the definition of a target organization and an action plan for change

Support : or the need for specific expertise for a project or transger of know-how through a special coaching or training