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The stakes of the sector

The transport sector is diverse and is changing under the impact of globalization.

It includes several modes of transport for goods and people into 4 main segments:

  • Aerial

  • Road

  • Train

  • Nautical.

Moreover, trade barriers no longer exist, the men move more and exchanges intensify. The transport operators therefore evolve in a difficult environment, highly competitive and under pressure from climate change.

They must adopt ever more competitive strategies to face major challenges :

  • Reducing CO2 emissions

  • Deregulation, liberalization or privatization of freight and passenger markets abroad

  • The search for transport infrastructure financing and public - private partnerships

  • Coverage and security of Energy Supplies

  • Resources from countries with low labor costs and shared service centers

  • Tax risk management

  • Research consistently income

  • The opportunities in emerging countries

Horisis Conseil supports major transport operators in their projects and their quest for performance.


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