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Develop your local and international results

Our mission is to advise, assist and accompany pharmaceutical laboratories to access to export markets, set up their local operations, and market their products at the lowest possible operating cost

Our Strategy consists of operating through a wide and diversified network of Local Alliances in each market of the below mentioned territory, thus granting us the flexibility to make the appropriate strategic partnership choices that serve best the products sales and marketing needs.

Our Process consists of intervening at one, or all of the following three levels, depending on the needs of each laboratory:

  • Strategic Review and Recommendations: Market Research and Product Feasibility Studies
  • Local Field Establishment: Distribution and Promotion networks set-up
  • Follow-up and Performance Evaluation: Sales Development and Contracts Management

Our Territory covers a large number of markets that we regroup, for strategic reasons, into four regions : 

  • Middle East
  • Maghreb Countries
  • Anglophone Afria
  • Francophone Africa


For laboratories : Export Development

Strategic Review & Recommendations

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Product Feasibility Study
  • Local set-up Models

Accompaniment to Market Access

  • Establishment of local Distribution & Promotion Networks

Performance Follow-up & Evaluation

  • Annual Business Plan Development
  • Export Sales Management
  • Contracts Management

Our core services : 

Project Management

Procurement Management

Contract Management

Performance/Organization Optimization

Sustainable development and communication