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The three major challenges facing the sector:


The funding sources are drying up, industry players must therefore rethink the economic model. For their survival, they are going to have to think about diversification strategies of their resources: grants, donations, product commercialization, crowdfunding on projects…

The resources

Human resources management has not always been a priority in this sector which has two types of resources, volunteers and employees.

Volunteers are the heart of associations. They have more and more responsibility both in the running of the association in the external representations. This involves questioning the valuation of donation of time and skills acquired by associative commitments.

Moreover, the wage is slow to develop in an associative world where management sometimes brittle volunteers. Industry players must position themselves as employers in real time. For this, they must develop a human resources policy and be ability to attract talent.

The governance

The organizational governance of the sector is unique and has already proved its effectiveness. Today, it is not to revisit it as a whole, but to see how these governance models can evolve to enable greater agility and allows these players to be more responsive compared to a environment that has strongly changed.

Our goal is to propose solutions to these actors so they can meet the challenges of these issues.

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