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A global approach for your projects

The stakes of the sector

In a world where the care offer is uneven from one country to another, health and medico-social facilities face challenges on several levels. If the digital explosion and the development of new technologies can allow new gates to open in terms of medical challenges, performance issues, organization and value creation are fundamental in the current environment, although often pushed by new regulations. However, we can separate the issues of the sector into two categories:

France :

  • Search efficiency and improving the organization: Managing beds, time management / Delay management, medical secretaries, administrative audits / financial / organizational
  • Management of the procurement function
  • Mutualisation of support functions between institutions
  • Value creation research by international development (Macron law, medical tourism, international accreditations ...)
  • Development of the Digital Hospital
  • Funding Assistance

International :

  • Improved care offer: linking with French institutions, establishments projects, preparation for accreditation
  • Training medical staff: Coaching head teachers, staff of sending French foreign institution or arrival of French expert in foreign operations
  • Funding Assistance
  • Import of French methods of school management and support functions

OUR INVESTIGATION: Collect and analyze the feelings of stakeholders

  • Social Climate Survey

  • Resident Satisfaction Survey

OUR DIAGNOSTICS: Identify the strengths and practices of optimization tracks

  • Analysis of management processes: Governance of the institution, Strategic management, Leadership and change management, Quality approach
  • Analysis of support processes: Human Resources, Purchasing & Maintenance, Home, Administration and Finance
  • Analysis of operational processes: Care, Accommodation and food, entertainment and social life

CONSULTING AND SUPPORT: Improve practices and federate teams around Change

    • Governance and management systems:
      • Support in the establishment of governance bodies

      • Determination of monitoring indicators

      • Optimization of the communication strategy and opening to the outside

      • Support for the definition and deployment of a business cluster strategy

    • Development, updating and deployment of the school plan :
      • Support the development / updating of the EP

      • Support for the deployment of transformation projects (change management)

      • Internal communication and leadership

      • Treatment calls for projects

    • Formalization and deployment of social / HR project :
      • Implementation of the initiative "Forward-looking management of employment and skills"
      • Development of managerial practices
      • Plan to improve the quality of life at work (consideration of PHI)

Support processes optimization :

    • Formalization and optimization of procurement processes

    • Maintenance policy and response management

    • Optimization of administrative flows

Focus on Residents' Satisfaction Survey

Key factor in quality improvement of nursing homes

We offer a service "turnkey":

Questionnaire personalized depending on the specifics of your establishment

Multimodal distribution to residents and families (print and / or online questionnaire)

Analytical processing answers

Detailed summary report allowing you to immediately identify strengths and areas for improvement

Topics discussed :

  • Medical care

  • Quality animation

  • Quality of information

  • Quality of accommodation

  • Respect for fundamental rights

  • Valuation of social ties to families & relationships

  • Home and admissions