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The project which you are about to launch will have a critical and lasting impact on your Group. Your choice of professional advisors will materially affect your success

We are a leading Media Services provider to the Global Media and New Media industry. We combine a team of world class experts and consultants dedicated to advise global media companies on issues spanning all areas of strategy and operations, including financial planning, marketing, scheduling and content, recruitment, interim/Shadow management and training.

We use top strategic framework and operate at the forefront of developments in the industry bringing the latest thinking and best practice to our projects.

We believe that every organization is unique and each issue can only be solved on a case-by-case basis.

Through our innovative project management model, we insure that every clients is fully satisfied prior the final delivery of our project.

We are also associated with major international media labels that help us increase our leverage.

Strategy and Management

  • Vision definition and concept development
  • Market Analysis and review
  • Penetration strategy
  • Business planning and financial modeling
  • Due diligence and IPO support
  • Mapping, Defining and implementation of key operational processes
  • Turnaround Strategy Planning
  • Bid managemnet and tender support
  • Regulatory and strategic reviews
  • Partner identification and support

Technology and Operations :

  • Technology audit and roadmap development
  • Vendor seletion
  • Technical Integration services
  • CPE (Customer and Partenrs Experience) strategy
  • Archiving and digital asset managemetn
  • Broadcast operations management
  • Facilities and Staff allocation
  • Workflow review, mapping and development
  • Distribution and contract support
  • Training services

Programming and Scheduling :

  • Grid Definition
  • Implementation of key scheduling and on-air processes
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Content rights management
  • Research and rating Analysis

 Sales and Marketing

  • Ad sales planning and development
  • IMC planning and ROI estimation
  • Pricing, Packaging and bundling (sponsorship, product placement, barter, etc...)
  • Customer marketing, retention /acquisition and up selling

Creativity and Branding : 

  • Brand Definition and Development
  • IPCM (Identity, packaging, content and marketing) process management
  • Agency Selection
  • Set design for programs
  • Programs packaging
  • Promotion Strategy development
  • Cross Promotion

Editorial, content and Production :

  • Content Policy and Definition
  • Content sourcing and rights acquisition
  • production Planning and development
  • News Management and Optimization
  • Optimization of the Production Process
  • Training Services

New Media :

  • Web Portal Planning and Development
  • Mobile Distribution Strategy
  • Monteization Strategy and Implementation
  • Multi-Platform distribution Strategy
  • International distribution

Organization, Recruitment and Training : 

  • Organization Structure and HR services
  • Operation review and performance Assessment
  • Set-up and implementation of organizational KPIs
  • Shadow Management services

TV and Radio Setup :

  • New TV and Radio Planning and project implementation
  • Management of the project steering committee