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The stakes of the sector

The diversification of the energy mix has become a necessity.

The players in the energy sector are facing major challenges such as the provision of sustainable energy, optimizing the extraction of fossil fuels and the development of alternative energy sources.

To maintain a level per capita of consumption and accompany the rise of emerging markets, they will have to face new challenges:

  • The reduction of nuclear waste and the search for more reliable methods to transmit electricity
  • The extraction of fossil fuels in the most extreme conditions while remaining economical and safe
  • The strengthening of refining capacity
  • The development of new business models around green products and services

That is why all the changes faced by the energy sector and obligations to improve energy efficiency by 2020 can be a risk, but also generating development opportunities for players in the sector.

Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their projects while meeting these challenges.

Project Management


  • Benchmark
  • Market Research


  • Installation of the business plan
  • Opportunities and risk analysis
  • Mounting aid financing plan


  • Defining roles and responsibility chain
  • Support for scheduling and planning


  • Description of the organization
  • Project process management interfaces
  • Teams Mobilization
  • Planning and cost control
  • Risk study and implementation of the control device by the risks


  • Production optimization (Men / Machines)
  • Outsourcing and management outsourcing
  • Lean Management


  • Maintenance optimization
  • Logistic Optimization (Supply Chain))

Contract Management

Call for Tenders Stage

  • Audit of contractual clauses
  • Support for the response to call for tenders, selection of candidates
  • Support in negotiations
  • Preliminary Risk Analysis
  • Establishment of a back to back

Project Realization Stage

  • Implementation of operational risk monitoring
  • Training "Contract Management" of the project team
  • Support in the implementation of the "Contract management"
  • Operational Assistance Contract and Claim Management
  • Deployment of IT solutions for contract management

Project in difficulty or actual litigation (cost, time, quality)

  • Audit examining the current situation / framing plan / withdrawal plan / protocol transition
  • Strategy and / or establishment of claim or complaint against, and support for negotiations
  • Delay analysis
  • Assistance and / or interfaces with the various business management / expert / firm
  • Establishment of a Knowledge Management file

Procurement Management

Analysis and Strategic Consulting

  • Inventory of practices and organization of the Procurement Dpt
  • Definition of maturity Purchasing and Procurement Strategy

Operational Procurement Support


Operational Procurement Consulting

  • Procurement Process optimization and tools
  • Establishment of the ProcurementMapping
  • Realization of sourcing and vendor selection

Dialogue and collaborative devices

  • Getting work and management of collaborative approaches
  • Study context of territorial projects
  • Stakeholder mapping and influences
  • Perception surveys
  • Evaluation of consultation mechanisms
  • Definition of positioning and communication strategy
  • Design of management tools, monitoring and recovery of commitments
  • Joint communication, consultation and design project manager

Aide à l’export

  • Diagnosis and analysis of the opportunities, constraints and capacity to export
  • Elaboration d’un plan de déploiement avec la mise en place d’un service export
  • Developing entry strategies into new markets
  • Risk management incurred Export (blankets and insurance)
  • Identifying grant opportunities and numerous structures making them available

Information System