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Performance & Organization
Performance & Organisation
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In a more and more complex and changeing environment, orientations taken by the company (in order to answer to its competitiveness and development goals) need a constant adaptation to their ecosystem. Organization's transformations are now in the heart of companies' strategy.

In these conditions, how to organize the projects in order to meet this imperative of adaptation and permanent reassesment? Which dynamic steering device to implement ? How to mobilize its teams around the strategy and its evolutions ?

Ouar activity extends from the perception of an organization problem to the definition of a framework allowing the elaboration, the choice and the deployment of an organizational solution in the best success conditions.

Organization Diagnosis

  • Constraints and themes identification, analysis constitution
  • Determination of the system maturity
  • Identification of the growth and change levers
  • Cartography, Analysis and redefinition of your process
  • Accompaniment change management

Transformation Plan Definition

  • Structuration of a transformation program
  • Determination of the target Organization
  • Definition of the target jobs and functions, alignment plan of the role / competences
  • Identification of the deployment levers
  • Analysis of the associated impacts (structure, macro process, costs)

Transformation Plan Steering

  • Deploymentof your trasnformation program
  • Performance indicators set-up
  • Effective performance measurement
  • Steering of Communication / Concertation plan
  • Steering/Project owning of your IT projects

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