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Contract Management
Contract Management
« Securing your investments on the long term »

Horisis Conseil, glad of its recognized experience in Contract Management offers to accompany its clients through the steering of their services with an efficient contract management strategy.

We offer many services for the Contract Management of your projects during all the contract's lifecycle : consulting, diagnosis, accompaniment and operational assistance.

Depending upon your needs, Horisis Conseil mobilize contracts managers nor claim managers to assure your contract management during your projects on any specific issue : contractualization, claim,litigation file preparation.  

Our services

During contractualization stage

  • Definition of the contractualization strategy
  • Critical analysis of contracts
  • Assistance of the Direction and the Project Team during the negociation of contracts and contractual obligations
  • Risks analysis on contractual obligations

During execution stage

  • Identification of contractual obligations and deliverables of each member of the project team
  • Establishment of the reference documentation for the providers and subcontractors and paiements management
  • Participation to the management of project's risks
  • Overcost follow-up of the projection and proposal of strategy taking account of the budgetary constraints
  • Preparation of the contractual correspondance and notices
  • Follow-up, registering and notifications of modifications of contractual reference documents
  • Watching for the respect of contractual obligations
  • Evaluation and negociation for the questions of additionnal cost nor delays

During commissioning

  • Preparation and follow-up of the project reception and associated obligations
  • Preparation and negociation for the market closing
  • Preparation and negociation for the claims and litigations
  • Participatin of the project closing and of returns on experience

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