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Conciliation / Sustainable Development / CSR
Conciliation / Sustainable Development / CSR
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In each development project or organization, the management of intangible capital is a source of performance levers meeting three major challenges :

An economical issue (reduce, costs related to the consumption of water, energy and raw materials in a greater rationalization ; win new customers and new markets with new production practices in specific areas)

A social and ethical issue (improve working conditions, staff motivation by clearing all the organization 's potentials with regard to the company)

A strategical issue (improve the company's image and its relations with the different actors of civil society; well positioned in the market by deepening the quality of its services).

To support our customers in these transformations , Horisis Conseil has developped offre concerning Sustainable development and communication toward companies, communities and public bodies that focuses on three components

 Diagnosis and driving CSR

 Consultation and participatory consultation mechanisms

 Change management and communication

Our Services

Diagnosis and CSR support

CSR diagnosis management

  • Identify good practices already implemented
  • To assess strategic opportunities for your business
  • Diagnosis management (diag, strategy, actions' plans )

Engage in CSR

  • Actions management with environmental nature (Carbon footprint , CO2 Compensation , waste and water management , transport and mobility policy; of the business, awareness of sustainable development...)
  • Actions management wit heconomical and social nature (Political and philanthropic activities , fundraising , social climate , psychosocial hazards approach , social dialogue,...)
  • Certifications, Labels, and regulatory requirements (Eco -label , environmental and social labels , product labels , Certification "social",...)
  • Inserting the SD criteria / CSR in the value chain (suppliers, subcontractors, partners)

Monitoring and reporting RSE

  • Support the deployment of CSR in the organization
  • CSR Reporting , indicators and dashboards
  • Annual reportSustainable developpement /RSE

CO3 : Consultation and participatory mechanisms

Background studies and consultation processes

  • Study context of territorial projects
  • Stakeholder mapping and influences
  • Perception surveys
  • Evaluation of consultation mechanisms
  • Analysis of expectations of project stakeholders

Implementation of the strategy consultation

  • Building a concerted strategy
  • Definition of positioning and communication strategy
  • Design of management tools,, monitoring and recovery of commitment
  • Joint communication , consultation and design project manager
  • Design tools and communication materials
  • Training , Press Relations and ensures media.

Steering consultation procedures

  • Securing the major stages of the administrative process
  • Design and animation of various forms of consultation
  • Logistics of consultation
  • Returns of experience, assessment of consultation

Communication and change management

Audit and analysis of the intern communication

  • Climate and social Psycho - social risks
  • Surveys,, listening and dialogue
  • Awareness of managers , employees
  • Social risk reduction actions management
  • Reception Processes and integration of newcomers
  • Implementation of intranet and internet web projects
  • Internal newsletter , entertainment internal information

Mobilization of teams and change management

  • Patronage - Team building
  • Promoting environmentally responsible behavior
  • Participatory conducting , . of seminars, conventions and working groups.
  • Steering networking groups

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