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Procurement Management
« The reduction of costs for the creation of values »

To cope with the new challenges of the Procurement function and to make it a key to value creation within an organization, it's necessary to apprehend, in this fast paced domain, the major issues in terms of :

- Internationalization of procurement,
- Development of Information Systems related to procurement,
- Impact of the new technologies on procurement,
- Involvement of Procurement within the redaction of Specifications,
- Adaptation of the procurement marketing demarche and tools,
- Providers selection to renew the ongoing panem,
- Transformation of the clients/providers relationship to a logic of collaborative exchanges,
- Evolution of the positioning of the Procurement function within the organization


Procurement strategy

During contractualization stage

Procurement consulting

  • Audit of the procurement management system
  • Identification of constraints and obligations
  • Evaluation of Procurement practices through benchmarks and workgroups
  • Recommendation of ameliorations axis
  • Deployment Plan of target organization
  • Revision and creation of referencials
  • Change Management accompaniment

Procurement operational consulting

Process steering

  • Steering of performances review
  • Audit
  • Documentation evolution
  • Referentials

Procurement optimization and cost reduction

  • Current practices analysis (budget, markets, providers...)
  • Performance levers identification
  • Definition of the consultation's strategic tactic
  • Tender launch, negociation...
  • Contractualization and deployment
  • Contract Management accompaniment

Operational Assistance

Back & Front-office

  • Adaptability to en environment and to clients work methods
  • Integration
  • Direct Interface between the client and ressources : reactivity, human follow up
  • Production procurement
  • Out production procurement
  • Industrial procurement
  • Projects procurement
  • Durable development procurement
  • LCC procurement
  • IT & telecom procurement
  • Marketing procurement

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